Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How I Told My Family

Hello Everyone, 

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was scared. Not only because I had a baby on the way, but because of my family. I'm 20 years old and my family, my dad and aunt especially; told me not to get pregnant. I was "too young" and wouldn't be able to handle it according to them. 
So when I found out I was pregnant I didn't know how to tell them, I put it off for so long but because I started to have very bad morning sickness I had to stay round my boyfriends (We both live with our families, but that's a different story) because it was getting very very hard to hide however my dad wanted me home, so in the end I had to face going home, I was scared not only because of my morning sickness had gotten worse but because they were bound to find out that night. When I got home all I did was go straight to my room, I felt so rough, my morning sickness had gotten to the point where I couldn't keep ANYTHING down, I thought to myself I just can't do this anymore, I needed something to help me keep things down, for my baby's sake. 
So I went to see my aunt and had a private chat with her, she said she guessed I was pregnant due to not going home. She was angry, disappointed in me but no matter what ANYONE said I was going to keep my baby. 
We went to the doctors that night and got some anti-sickness tablets,  I found out I was severly dehydrated so had to keep testing my urine to see if it had gotten worse, if it had I had to be admitted to hospital. Luckily it got better. 
Now was the time to face the rest of my family. I was so scared, mainly of my dad. So we went home and asked my aunt to tell my family while I stayed sat in my bedroom, scared.  About 10 minutes later my aunt came in, she told my dad, she said to me he doesn't want anything to do with you. I was heartbroken, I wanted my dad's support. He was my main man... I really couldn't imagine my life without my dad.. but had to face the facts, I knew he needed time to get his head around his little girl having a baby.  
My mum was OK with it, she supported me, she knew that I wanted to have a baby, she did everything to make me feel better, telling me my dad would come round... I hope he did.

A few minutes later I decided it was best for me to go to back to my boyfriends, I couldn't stand the fact that my dad didn't want anything to do with me, it was just awkward being around that atmosphere. So I went back to my boyfriends, he supported me along with his family supported me, which I'm so grateful for. :) 

So a couple of  months later, my dad eventually started coming round, he never ever mentioned my pregnancy or the baby but I didn't expect him too... It was hard for him.  When I had my first scan he just glanced at the scan and that was it. Not even a word. I was saddened by this but I didn't want to mention anything because he only just started coming round and I was happy about that!  My mum, aunts and grandparents are supporting me, there all very happy and excited for me now. I know my dad will come round when the baby is born... until then though! 

  So that's the story of how I told my parents... It was tough, but it needed to be done.

Love Little Lauren xx